Friday, May 17, 2013

Bien Fashion Men - Mens Leather Bracelet

Fleur-de-lis Cross Design Leather Bracelet

Contemporary brown leather bracelet has links with stainless steel Fleur-de-lis Cross design... and looks fabulous on both men and women. The buckle closure adjusts with 3 holes to fit 7.5, 8 and 8.5 inch wrists. Wear the buckle underneath, or on top, for two different looks. Fleur-de-lis History: Military units, including divisions of the United States Army, have used the resemblance to a spearhead to identify martial power and strength. The Fleur De Lis Cross is representative of both the lily and the barbed fighting spear and it is said to signify perfection, light, and life. In the 12th century, King Louis VI became the first French monarch to use the fleur-de-lis on his shield. English kings later used the symbol on their coats of arms to represent their claims to the throne of France. In the 14th century, the fleur-de-lis was incorporated into the family insignia that was sewn on the knight's surcoat, which was worn over their coat of mail: "coat of arms."

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